Debbie Nez-Manuel

“She Invigorates…”


Four (4)  Hour Interactive/Hands-on Workshops

Open for events on the First or Third Saturday of the month:

Quarterly events are best in November, February, May, September

Summer or Winter Bi-Annual events are best in June or December

Want to keep students fascinated about Arizona Heritage?  Plan your event during school breaks: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Breaks

Half (1/2) Day Interactive Events


One (1) hour Educational Presentation: 

Have coffee or a cool glass of iced tea and rich discussion about our beautiful Arizona heritage over breakfast, lunch or dinner. This experience is always fun for adults in small or medium size groups. 

Need something fun for an information booth or hands-on demonstration?  Integrate plant fiber bracelets, traditional hair tie for older elementary kids, or paper activities to show basket-making methods. 

Full Day Events

Includes Educational Presentations & Interactive/Hands-on Workshop

Junior High or High School: Hands on activities that include basket making methods, bow or arrow making, or flute making. 

Youth Educational Event Planning Services

Short handed? Lets magnify your event. #TeamDebbie will roll up our sleeves so you can interact with your audience. Our philosophy is about fostering teamwork, increasing community engagement while ensuring your energy stays focused on solutions. What’s in it for you? To reduce your stress, raising your visibility and have fun.  

Conference/Seminar Guest Speaker

Searching for a guest speaker?  Debbie enjoy opportunities to engage with audiences on best practices for Youth Leadership,  Domestic Violence Intervention/Prevention, Suicide Prevention, and ways to become more politically engaged with your community. To check availability and/or interested in contracting for one of the services please contact me and provide details on how I can help.