Timeless Traditon

I am a community organizer addressing the many challenges  faced by organizations to help different cultures start working together.

Training and Education

Often there are differences in education and acumen when it comes to technology, innovation and social work concepts. I can help both organizations generate solutions for workers of all ages and backgrounds.

Leadership Training

Leadership often has different aspects in different cultures. I help organizations collaboratively build the capacity of adults, young adults and youth that ensure the goals of promoting inclusivity and fostering core values of community work for organizations today, and in the future.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

Misconceptions and assumptions can often interfere with development of strong bonds between organizations working together on a common goal. I help organizations foster stronger relationships by helping each understand the similarities and differences between tribal and non-tribal entities.

Process Frameworks

How organizations accomplish their work can vary substantially between tribal and non-tribal organizations, between rural and urban spaces, and between stakeholders and decision-makers from different cultures. I help organizations effectively and efficiently get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ while navigating differences in how work gets done.